On the Verge of Free-forming (Pt.1)

‘That’s a pretty …fast year flew by’ – Frank Ocean, Skyline To It’s been a mighty long while but good news, I am back! I know I went completely AWOL last year. I can’t even pretend that my neglect wasn’t noticeable so I’m stating it clearly. I went MIA and I sincerely apologise. ??????  I’m … Continue reading On the Verge of Free-forming (Pt.1)

Going With The Flow

Life has been a lot less crazy since my decision last month to take the back seat and give nature a freer hand in my hair journey. I can’t believe how peaceful things have been! I keep expecting my hair to act out spontaneously, perhaps by biting at me like a ferocious puppy or something but instead … Continue reading Going With The Flow

A Year of Unorthodox Lessons in Hair

We formed a little crowd on the edge of Aunty’s garden which was still under construction, waving sparklers and drinking wine. I clung unto bae as we stared up at the multitude of colours that lit up the foggy new year sky. Half amazed, half shaken. The fireworks looked heavenly but sounded like grenades and … Continue reading A Year of Unorthodox Lessons in Hair

Girl in Progress!

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. -Anon   On day one of my reduced manipulation experiment I was very excited. I jumped about like a little girl setting out on a grand adventure. I told Dan all about my amazing plan and how I believed that this could really … Continue reading Girl in Progress!

Living with Trimophobia…

Trimophobia. What’s that you say. I know it sounds like a terrible mental condition that requires a lot of pill popping but its not. Trimophobia is what I use to describe my fear of losing hair from trims. I’ve had a number of epic fails when it comes to growing my hair. For example, my first attempt … Continue reading Living with Trimophobia…

To Be (Crazy) Or Not To Be…

The gallery on its own was very beautiful even without the works of art displayed inside. It was so warm and welcoming considering the stormy weather. Its colourful walls looked like a packet of skittles exploded, with each skittle choosing a wall to land on and overtime melting and spreading all over it. One wall … Continue reading To Be (Crazy) Or Not To Be…

Seeing Mom Again

We drove up slowly into the little close till we reached the last of the terraced houses where mom lived. Dan tried to find a place to park but couldn’t so instead we drove into mom’s front lawn, nearly crushing her beloved roses. While every other car was vertically aligned on both sides of the … Continue reading Seeing Mom Again

You did naahhh just touch my hair?!!

It had rained earlier today and the sun was finally peeking out from behind a light grey curtain. Its warm fingers gently stroked my face. Really, I should have been grateful to see that yellow sun hanging in the corner of my window but I just couldn’t get over the disaster that could have taken … Continue reading You did naahhh just touch my hair?!!

How did we get here?

‘Now why would you do this?’ Silence. ‘I thought…we had something good. What went wrong? We were getting on so well.’ More silence. I Sigh. ‘Okaaay, what did I do wrong this time?’ I stared at the mound of coily black locks perched on the corner of the bathroom sink. I had never seen that … Continue reading How did we get here?