Young & Criminally Minded

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  1. EndSARs was/is the result of the cumulative effects of successive failed leadership that only sought/seek to serve vested interests, on the masses especially the youths who despite the limiting and frustrating socio-economic clime, continue to work hard and in creative ways to forge a future for themselves.

    Some have made mind blowing progress and through that, are/were able to create identities to reflect the freedom express themselves in
    ways they want and not “conform” to outdated norms of a society which had abandoned them.

    The financial, personal and cultural freedoms these “youth” found, enjoy and express or flaunt became a source of stinging envy and irritation to yet another group of youth who, faced with the same circumstance, capitulated and became ready and willing pawns to be used by the political elites to perpetuate their self interests.

    These readily abuse their powers and mirror the same abuse they suffer and under the guise of keeping the streets safe, target and terrorise those with the freedoms explained above…and kill those who don’t accede to their demands.

    Just like their overlords, they became a law unto themselves. Just like their masters, they strutted about like those above the law and not accountable for their behaviour, actions and inactions. And like their benefactors, they enjoy immunity by reason of their connections and affiliations.

    EndSARs was/is a cry for an end to all things corrupt and unjust. It was also a call for a proactive, people-centred, accountable and responsible leadership at all levels. It was a demand for justice and a just society.

    The result of that cry was no different to the response we see in totalitarian regimes across the world…a brutal crackdown. A rule by intimidation and fear to keep the people subjugated, silent and in their space.

    My answer; exposure.

    BTW, Mum will dispute your account of her heritage ooo. She is Yoruba-Fulani.

    1. Well done, Professor! As in, you hit the nail on the head. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Exposure though, in what respect?

      Re- mom, we shall continue that convo when we see.

    2. Exposure through HACKTIVISM. When dreadful deeds and deals done in darkness are exposed, those who are perpetrators can no longer hide.
      HACKTIVISM is the use of computer-based techniques such as hacking as a form of civil disobedience to promote a political agenda or social change.
      With roots in hacker culture and hacker ethics, its ends are often related to free speech, human rights, or freedom of information movements.
      In 1996, cyber-activism gained a reputation and was given a new name: hacktivism. Consisting of breaking into a computer system for political, social, religious, or anarchistic reasons, hackers began to wage a war on information.
      Proven to be powerful agents for change, virtual vigilantes built and deployed hacking tools for the agenda’s greater good.
      More about disruption than disobedience, there have been countless instances of political and social change as a result of hacktivist campaigns.

  2. It’s almost as if Nigerians are living in a bondage .. Especially the youths. Everything seems to be the same from way back .. There’s a Lagbaja song that was my fave then but I understand the lyrics better now because we’re still living it . I literally cried while watching the Lekki massacre live on IG .I hope for a better Nigeria 🇳🇬 even tho I’m slowly losing hope . I’d love for our families in diaspora to not be scared of coming /visiting home . Loved every bit of this post Cocoa 🤍🤍🤍

    1. Thanks Angie for the comments. Yes it feels like we are spinning round in circles. Like Lagbaja, these are the same social injustices Fela wrote about in his songs. But please do not lose hope. That change WILL come. And remember perfect love casts out all fear. Nigerians need to stay united in love a d work together for the common good. Stay woke Angie and do everything you can to keep supporting the movement. ❤️

      Ps: SARS or nah, me I’m coming home oh and you will sew my Jalabiya 😂

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