Going With The Flow

4 thoughts on “Going With The Flow”

  1. 10 hours though!!! Good Lord! It’s never taken me that long in all my many years…lol. I make the conditioner/treatment waaaaay ahead of time.
    I’ve slacked a bit on the hair care cos I don’t have so much time in the day to spare, but, weaning will start soon and I’ll be free!!!

    1. Trust me Hun, that was before I knew about doing things the night before and so on. But still if you think about it, whether you do things the night before or not add it all together and you will see it’s all a serious amount of time

    1. I know love, it’s not easy at the start but trust me it gets better. And it’s worth it in the end. So hang in there. And I know your hair is going to be so fabulous!

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