You did naahhh just touch my hair?!!

10 thoughts on “You did naahhh just touch my hair?!!”

  1. Hahaaaa!!! LOVE IT!

    Well I don’t get it much more but when I was younger and visited my God mother in the country the children there (and adults actually) randomly touched my hair and made the weirdest comments…one said “wow your hair feels like Wool” this came from one of the adults may I add…. I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or not! 😕

    1. Lol, yes ive got comments as well like, ‘you don’t even need a hat in winter’. And ‘poor you, it must get so hot under there in summer.’ Its crazy what people think of our hair! And yes I love Vikings!

  2. Love it..too funny..witty..and I could see the whole thing play out in my mind. Bet Daniel will be thinking.. ” I’m so gonna kill the ni**er”

  3. Lol I was laughing out loud once more. Just love your writing style, it’so comical. But seriously, why would he touch your hair?? No random guy has ever touched my hair, and U know how tempting my hair can be. U must have been giving him the wrong signals. Ps my hair transform through out the day without any rain.

    1. Lol about your hair transformations. But thanks for the comment hun. This was the first time it was a total stranger but its usually people who who think they know you well enough when they dont really. Like my german teacher walking past me in class and playing with my hair??!! Trust me, too many incidents!!!

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